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Waste & Sustainability

Sustained economic growth and lifestyle changes fuels incremental change in consumption patterns consequently placing enormous pressure on natural resources also increasing generation of waste-- some very toxic. With raw materials becoming scarce and energy more expensive, it is imperative that we use resources more efficiently, minimise waste generation and use waste as a resource for generation of secondary raw materials. For sustainability, it is also important that we focus on reducing the adverse impacts of waste on our air, soil and water.

  • Bio Medical Waste

    Biomedical waste is the waste generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of human beings or animals or in research activities.

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  • Electronic Waste

    Electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry. The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the manufacturing...

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  • Hazardous waste

    Toxics Link’s new report 'On the Edge' is first of its kind study in Delhi, mapping the city’s polluting centres. The report identifies sites which...

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  • Municipal waste

    As cities in India reel under the pressure of unplanned urban growth, waste management has taken a backseat.When action is taken. it is to....

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  • Plastic Waste

    Toxics Link did a study to check compliance of plastic carry bag ban in three States or Union Territories: Delhi, Chandigarh and Sikkim...............

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  • Solar Waste

    Solar energy has now become an essential part of the global move toward clean energy and it will play an essential role in meeting the ..........

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